Contemporary Art Exhibition at Fortezza Medicea

from 16 September to 8 October 2020
Some 150 works on display in the beautiful setting of the "Fortezza Medicea" coming from Italian and international artists tells about contemporary art in various facets.Free admission, without reservation, every day from 10.00 to 18.30 until 8 October 2020, The exhibition is divided into three sections: ➡️   the first is an exhibition itinerary of "Historicized Works of Contemporary Art of Twentieth century"➡️   the second is a solo show by Enrico Manera entitled “Distinguo Phase 3” ➡️   the third is a collective of national and international artists. The exhibition "Fortezza in Arte", conceived and curated by Marilena Visconti (General Director) expert in high antiques and Liana Cioli (Artistic Director) expert in contemporary art, aims to enhance some collections and works created by the most incisive Italian artists of the twentieth century and is set up thanks to the collaboration with Artcom. The initiative is spon…

Lonely Planet Special Guide to Montepulciano and its surroundings

The reputed magazine "Lonely Planet Italia" just released (August 2020) a special guide to the surrounding areas of Montepulciano and the Sienese Chiana valley. 
You can download the Italian version here:

August 6th 2020 Concert in the Fortress

On August 6th at 930pm a concert performed by musician and composer Simone Rocchi in the enchanting fortress of Montepulciano. 
The fortress complex is the house the Wine Producers Consortium, after an impressive restoration project which has involved the Municipality, wine producers and an overseas partner, the Kennesaw University of Georgia (USA). 
Since then it's used as location for art exhibitions, performing arts, meetings, courses and other cultural activities.


Although the "Pearl of the Renaissance" as it is called Montepulciano would probably deserve a longer stay, two days are enough to get the spirit (and the wine) of the town. This is my personal itinerary:


After you've checked in to the Stuart View's Apartments (1) or other properties you should start from the historic cellars of Cantine Gattavecchi (2) by the church of Santa Maria then continue up the hill and visit the old fortress (3) built in 1200 in the highest part of the town. After a thorough renovation it hosts now the Association of the Wine Producers and offer an incredible tasting room and a beautiful panoramic garden overlooking the surrounding valleys, especially at sunset. You can taste there the wine from the most important local wineries and get many information about the the wine world including arranging further visit to wineries or other monumental cellars. So these are definitely the firs…

Recommended Restaurants and Eateries of Montepulciano

The following is a partial and "ongoing" list of recommended restaurants in central Montepulciano. 
The ones under the city center section are all reachable by short walk from the Stuart View Apartments:

CITY CENTER (within the city walls)
Via di Collazzi, 74 - by Santa Maria Church. Tel +39 0578 757110.
Always open for lunch in Summer. Closed for dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays. Closing times may change with the season.
Located by the historic cellar of the Gattavecchi winery, it boasts one of the best sunset terraces, and an amazing dining room (former monastery's refectory) with access to the underground cellars. Simple but outstanding menu based on traditional recipes with an exotic touch (Lilian, the chef is Brazilian). The wines are those produced by the winery.
Via del Teatro, 22. Tel +39 0578 71086.


Montepulciano does not slow down in winter. This is the best time of the year for unique activities Here some of our favorite!
OUTDOOR ACTIVITYforget the gloomy winter scenario, Tuscany hills region can offer splendid days with dramatic views like the one below.  Brisk morning walks will reward you with the beauty of the landscapes, dramatic skies, great pictures and a good excuse to indulge with another winter treat: food!

FOOD SCENEOK cherry season is over but for the foodies visiting this part of Tuscany may be even better as it is the only time of the year where you can get some delicatessen. Truffles first but also mushrooms and venison, turnip greens (with sausages), kale (in Ribollita soup), boar (stewed with olives) and the omnipresent freshly-pressed olive oil (bruschetta!). All restaurants in Montepulciano are open during November and December months and boasting best season recipes. Some will close for annual vacation between mid January and mid March but there is always plen…