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Lonely Planet Special Guide to Montepulciano and its surroundings

The reputed magazine "Lonely Planet Italia" just released (August 2020) a special guide to the surrounding areas of Montepulciano and the Sienese Chiana valley.  You can download the Italian version here:

August 6th 2020 Concert in the Fortress

On August 6th at 930pm a concert performed by musician and composer Simone Rocchi in the enchanting fortress of Montepulciano.  The fortress complex is the house the Wine Producers Consortium, after an impressive restoration project which has involved the Municipality, wine producers and an overseas partner, the Kennesaw University of Georgia (USA).  Since then it's used as location for art exhibitions, performing arts, meetings, courses and other cultural activities.

Cooking classes in Montepulciano

Where to book a local cooking class in or around the town a pasta making class Montepulciano's culinary scene is particularly lively not only because it lays on a solid century old tradition but also because of a new generation of cooks and chefs enhanced it combining research, innovation and know how. Many are the regional recipes that contributed to make the Italian cuisine worldwide renowned, so why don't you try to get its secrets by attending one of the several cooking class offered by restaurants or private chefs? Here few addresses to check out: Ristorante Logge del Vignola Claudia Iasenza Chef - Ristorante il Covo (just outside the town)   Ristorante Gattavecchi (located next door to Stuart View's apartments) Farmhouse IL CASALE (in the countryside between Montepulciano and Pienza - 20 min drive) https://podereilcasale.