Cooking classes in Montepulciano

Where to book a local cooking class in or around the town

a pasta making class

Montepulciano's culinary scene is particularly lively not only because it lays on a solid century old tradition but also because of a new generation of cooks and chefs enhanced it combining research, innovation and know how.

Many are the regional recipes that contributed to make the Italian cuisine worldwide renowned, so why don't you try to get its secrets by attending one of the several cooking class offered by restaurants or private chefs?

Here few addresses to check out:

Ristorante Logge del Vignola

Claudia Iasenza Chef - Ristorante il Covo (just outside the town) 

Ristorante Gattavecchi (located next door to Stuart View's apartments)

Farmhouse IL CASALE (in the countryside between Montepulciano and Pienza - 20 min drive)

Private chef in Montisi, a lovely village about half an hour from Montepulciano


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